Level up your hand-design and rendering skills with an iPad Drawing course

If you love to design and sketch with a pencil, then iPad drawing will help you become more productive, stay better connected, and fall in love with drawing all over again–wherever you take your iPad.

Why does anyone need iPad drawing?

If you're tired of searching YouTube every time you need to do something on the iPad, you'll love the time-saving flow of an online course taken at your convenience.


If you're still anxiously using pencil on paper while everyone around you has gone digital, iPad drawing combines the familiarity of pencil with the superpowers of Photoshop, updating your hand-drawing talents for the 21st century.


If you've been frustrated working from home because you lack the tools to share your sketches, details, and PDF markups, the iPad will keep you seamlessly connected to your project team and office workflow–no matter where you are in the world. It's like having a complete design studio with you wherever you go.


How iPad Drawing Levels Up Your Drawing Talents

As an architect and full-time professional renderer, I have been using iPad apps since the Apple Pencil was introduced. In this video I show you the top 10 reasons why I gave up pencils and paper and started using only iPad drawing to do my architectural design and rendering. Click the button to watch!
"Love how you break down the fundamental barrier of creativity. Where does it start? Like the Big Bang it has to start some where and just like anything in life, it's more the process of discovery than dwelling on the idea to come to being. This video should be a must for any architectural aspiring student learning the art of creativity. P.S. Your students at UCLA are very luck to have you!"

Toru Hasegawa

Co-founder, Morpholio Trace; Professor of Architectural Design, Columbia University

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…I started using the rendering tactics in your Rendering with Procreate course which are massively time-saving and optimize my work. Long story short, I’m now doing these quick, 2-to 5-hour color renderings—similar to what I learned in your course—for upcoming broadcast commercials and shows. My new clients love my Procreate hand renderings!  So you were actually not BS-ing when you said this stuff could change your life. Just wanted to thank you again. I’m starting on the Sketchup for iPad course now, and please let me know if you ever do one for Shapr-3D. With gratitude and appreciation for all you do.



—Sven Johnson

Set Designer, Professor of 3D Visualization, F.I.T.

Mark Page Design Art Tutorials

I’m a very recent ex Disney Imagineer (Senior concept designer/ Art Director) and I want to grow my skills doing exactly what your doing for vacation resorts and such. Love your videos because I’m using and learning the same tools. Thank you for these tutorials!!!

Meet your guide

My name is James Akers. I'm a registered architect, full-time professional renderer, UCLA professor of iPad Drawing, and creator of the iPad For Architects YouTube channel.

Like you, I believe thinking with a pencil in hand is still the best way to design, but my long-standing analog design and rendering business almost died because I refused to give up that pencil as the rest of the world went digital around me.

I had no choice but to teach myself iPad drawing in order to update my services and continue supporting my family. It's been an adventure marked by years of trial and error, but I eventually got the hang of it, and now I share the time- and frustration-saving lessons I learned in the online courses you're about to browse on this site. I hope you'll try one, but if the time isn't right, please subscribe and stay in touch anyway, OK? I look forward to learning as much from you as I hope you'll learn from me.
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