Hi, I'm James Akers, founder of iPad For Architects


 I'm a practicing architect who also supported my family as a full-time renderer working in pencil and watercolor, up until the day that pencil and watercolor could no longer keep up with the pace of change in the modern digital office. So in 2015, I followed Tim Cook's lead, switched to Apple Pencil on iPad, and haven't looked back. Now, as UCLA professor of iPad Drawing and founder of the iPad for Architects YouTube channel, I split my time between teaching, rendering, design consulting, architect-ing, and my favorite of all: helping students rediscover the benefits of drawing-by-hand in the digital era through online courses in Procreate, Morpholio Trace and Sketchup for iPad.

Becoming an iPad Architect


Transforming yourself into an iPad Architect is about acquiring skills, beliefs, and a willingness to learn new things. There were not many people ahead of me when I started the journey from desktop architect to iPad architect, so I have had to earn what I know through hard-won experience. And though experience is the best teacher, she is not the kindest. The amount of hours I have had to invest in learning these strategies and techniques I would not wish on anyone. On the other hand, I can now share that hard-earned knowledge with you at a fraction of the personal cost.

It is my most sincere hope that the courses I produce provide the guidance  I so desperately needed when I was coming up on my desktop to iPad architect journey. These are comprehensive courses; the devil is in the details. Excellence exists in the depth of knowledge and nuances. That’s what separates the greats from everyone else. I hope that in all the content I produce you see my dedication to this detail and nuance that makes all the difference. These lessons were hard won.

Before I thank you for your time, I want to circle back to where we started. After completing these courses, I hope: 

  1.  You’re well on the path to becoming an iPad architect. Or at the very least, have become aware of new tips and techniques you hadn’t previously considered and may immediately apply to your day-to-day work.
  2.  I’ve delivered on my promise from the beginning: that investing four to eight hours of your time here would yield you a far higher return than just about anything else you could do.
  3. I hope in return I’ve taken one small step towards earning the thing I value most from you -- your trust.

Finally, I hope these courses create a small dent in improving the world because I believe no one is coming to save us. It’s up to us, as architect-entrepreneurs, to innovate our way into a better world. And that’s something I’m willing to devote my life to. And I hope you are, too. 

I’m grateful for your attention. You could have given it to anything, and you chose to invest it with me. I take it in high regard. So, sincerely, thank you. 

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