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Procreate "Draw-to-Scale" Grids, Scale Rulers, FF&E Templates, Brushes, Stencils & Bundles

IMPERIAL "Everything For Drawing To Scale" Bundle


Everything you need to start drawing to scale in Procreate, now!

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IMPERIAL Architect ULTRA Bundle (Every Tool We Make!)


It’s the Big Kahuna…the ultimate savings! Every tool you need to design, sketch, draft, dimension, detail and render in Procreate, now!

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Architects Brushset: The Pencils, Pens & Brushes I Use On YouTube


Work faster, smarter and better with this (43) brush Brushset featuring all the sketching, diagramming, drafting, rendering and lighting brushes I use in my YouTube tutorials and professional practice.

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Imperial FF&E & Space-Planning 1/8" & 1/4" Scale Template Pack


Save time designing and presenting your architecture, space planning and interior designs with this comprehensive collection of importable 1/8- and 1/4-inch scale furniture, fixtures and equipment.

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"One-tap" Landscape & Entourage Brushset Stencils (Imperial & Metric)


Instantly beautify and add scale to your elevations and perspectives with these contemporary people, tree and vegetation brushset stencils on transparent background, arranged in 11x11, 3300px x 3300px sheets.

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Full-size & "Pocket-size" Scale Ruler Pack (Imperial, Metric & Engineer)


Draw to scale in Procreate with these *full- and *pocket-size Imperial, Metric and Engineer scale rulers. New “edge-to-edge" design allows precise alignment of both ends of scale (without distracting blank spaces at ends of traditional scales).

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"Pocket-Size" Scale Ruler Pack (Imperial, Metric & Engineer)


Design and draw to scale in Procreate with these pocket-size, 6” Imperial, Metric and Engineer scale rulers. New “edge-to-edge" design allows precise alignment of both ends of scale (without distracting blank spaces at ends of traditional scales).

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IMPERIAL "Instant" Perspective Guides (Set of 63)


Perspective Room Drawing Guides: Procreate Drawing Assist© Compatible! Instantly sketch in perspective—even if you don’t know the rules of perspective—with this bundle of (63) perspective room templates. 

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"One-tap" QuikScale® Scale Ruler & QuikGrid® Stencil Brushset


Work faster, smarter and better with this “one-tap” Imperial & Metric QuikScale® Scale Rulers & QuikGrid® Stencil Brushset. Scale rulers open to scale with a single tap in any 300dpi canvas, whether that canvas is 17x11, 24x18, A2, A3 or any other size. 

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To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


-James Akers, Architect

Professor of iPad Drawing UCLA; Sketchup Bootcamp 2022 Instructor

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What the iPad For Architects community is saying...


I had no idea Procreate could be this versatile! This is fantastic!



Thank you for your instructive and gentle tutelage. Inspirational.

-Madison bad Doberan


This is a great example of a workflow video! Really enjoying your SU4 iPad AND Morpholio Trace series. Thanks, James!

-Stephen Hammontree


These are so incredibly helpful! I just started interior design school and these made me feel so much more confident

-Brittany Epps


OMG, the part about how to create a Tag and then assign the group to that Tag was awesome! Such a simple concept but I’ve never really seen a clear demonstration of how to do that. Thank you!

-Lloyd Morris


I just stumbled onto your video for the first time while surfing YouTube. I've only gotten 57 seconds into your intro re: how you want to help viewers find the exact tutorial they need at the [exact] time they need it...THAT really is what I have been looking for...

-Jerry Eisner


…I started using the rendering tactics in your Rendering with Procreate course which are massively time-saving and optimize my work. Long story short, I’m now doing these quick, 2-to 5-hour color renderings—similar to what I learned in your course—for upcoming broadcast commercials and shows. My new clients love my Procreate hand renderings!  So you were actually not BS-ing when you said this stuff could change your life. Just wanted to thank you again. I’m starting on the Sketchup for iPad course now, and please let me know if you ever do one for Shapr-3D. With gratitude and appreciation for all you do.

--Sven Johnson, Set Designer, Associate Professor of 3D Visualization, F.I.T.

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