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As of May 13, 2024, the flagship Procreate & Sketchup for iPad Concept Design Workshop has been seamlessly integrated into our new expanded Premium All-Access Pass membership model. This shift from a flat fee to a more dynamic subscription model allows us to offer you even more flexibility and ongoing value:

  • Enhanced Creativity and Productivity: Harness the full potential of iPad drawing and design-with-a-pencil workflows to boost your real-world productivity and rediscover your passion for drawing with the precision of the Apple Pencil.

  • Unmatched Mobility: Take your design studio on the go with the iPad, transforming how and where you work, ensuring that your creative process travels with you.

  • Comprehensive Access: Gain lifetime access to all courses within the now-expanded Workshop, including:

    • Procreate Accelerator for Architects & Designers: Over 50 guided exercises covering all facets of Procreate for professional design and rendering.
    • Procreate for Residential Design: A detailed guide through the design of a 2,000 sf modern house, from initial sketches to detailed plans.
    • Sketchup for iPad (Beginners): Learn to import, manipulate, and export 3D models starting from basic 2D plans and elevations.
    • Procreate for Rendering (Beginner & Intermediate): Quickly create hand-rendered visuals, designed to enhance presentations without prior drawing expertise.
    • Morpholio Trace Accelerator for Busy Partners and Principals: Efficiently integrates powerful digital tools into your daily practice, enhancing both productivity and creativity.
  • Continuous Learning: Enjoy perpetual updates to course content and ongoing additions, ensuring you stay current with the latest advancements in iPad design tools.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: A 30-day money-back guarantee underscores our commitment to providing lasting professional value.

A Personal Note from James Akers: "As we transition to this new model, I am excited to offer a platform that evolves with your needs, reflecting the same guidance and support that would have accelerated my own journey into iPad design. This change is designed to ensure you not only keep pace with technological advancements but leverage them to enhance your creative output. Welcome to a new era of continuous learning and professional growth."

--James Akers, Architect; UCLA Professor of iPad Drawing; Sketchup for iPad Bootcamp Instructor

What People Are Saying:

...I started using the rendering tactics in your Rendering with Procreate course which are massively time-saving and optimize my work. Long story short, I’m now doing these quick, 2-to 5-hour color renderings—similar to what I learned in your course—for upcoming broadcast commercials and shows. My new clients love my Procreate hand renderings! So you were actually not BS-ing when you said this stuff could change your life. Just wanted to thank you again. I’m starting on the Sketchup for iPad course now, and please let me know if you ever do one for Shapr-3D. With gratitude and appreciation for all you do.

Sven Johnson, Set Designer, Associate Professor of 3D Visualization, F.I.T.

Thank you for your instructive and gentle tutelage @iPad For Architects ❤️. Inspirational.

Madison Bad Doberan

I’m a very recent ex-Disney Imagineer (Senior concept designer/ Art Director) and I want to grow my skills doing exactly what you're doing for vacation resorts and such. Love your videos because I’m using and learning the same tools. Thank you for these tutorials!!!

Mark Page Design Art Tutorials

OMG, the part about how to create a Tag and then assign the group to that Tag was awesome! Such a simple concept but I’ve never really seen a clear demonstration of how to do that. Thank you!

Lloyd Morris

Own all-access (and all future updates for life) for $997