Student Lifetime Access Pass: Procreate for Rendering

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Includes two rendering workflows, beginning w/ an eye-level view for beginners, and a second, more advanced hand rendering of the same design, still in three hours or less—even if you believe you don't draw well

What you'll get:

  •  Relaxed pace, step-by-step draw-along lessons covering everything a concept designer needs to know about making a color exterior rendering in Procreate—even if you don’t know how to draw
  •  Lifetime access to this course, and every update of this course, in perpetuity
  •  Also includes the Procreate One-Minute Masterclass mini-course: short refresher videos on the tools and techniques learned in the full Procreate Accelerator course—for those times when you need a reminder, but don’t have time to re-watch a full lesson
  •  100% satisfaction guaranteed offered in full confidence that you will find satisfaction and professional value in this course

A personal note: "This course provides the guidance I so desperately needed when I was coming up on my desktop to iPad architect journey. The knowledge herein is hard won, but it's my privilege to share it with you now."

--James Akers, Professor of iPad Drawing UCLA; Sketchup Bootcamp 2022 Instructor

What People Are Saying:

I’m a very recent ex Disney Imagineer ( Senior concept designer/ Art Director) and I want to grow my skills doing exactly what your doing for vacation resorts and such. Love your videos because I’m using and learning the same tools. Thank you for these tutorials!!!

Mark Page Design Art Tutorials

Oh my gosh James, this is absolutely incredible. I taught myself how to do [hybrid rendering] in photoshop but it's so much easier in Procreate! Thank you for sharing this resource[.]

Liahh Thomas

$299.00 USD