Student Monthly Access Pass: Procreate Accelerator

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Guided draw-along exercises teaching architects and designers both basic and advanced techniques for sketching, designing, drawing to scale, drafting, and rendering with Procreate. Lessons are taught in the context of a concept designer's daily tasks.

What you'll get:

  •  Relaxed pace draw-along lessons covering everything you need to do concept design in Procreate
  •  Lifetime access to this course, and every update of this course, in perpetuity
  •  Also includes the Procreate One-Minute Masterclass mini-course: minutes-long refresher videos on the tools and techniques learned in the full Procreate Accelerator course—for those times when you need a reminder, but don’t have time to re-watch a full lesson
  •  Money back guarantee, offered in full confidence that you will find satisfaction and professional value in this course

A personal note: "This course provides the guidance I so desperately needed when I was coming up on my desktop to iPad architect journey. The knowledge herein is hard won, but it's my privilege to share it with you now."

--James Akers, Professor of iPad Drawing UCLA; Sketchup Bootcamp 2022 Instructor

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