Imperial FF&E & Space-Planning 1/8" & 1/4" Scale Template Pack

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Save time designing and presenting your architecture, space planning and interior designs with this comprehensive collection of importable 1/8- and 1/4-inch scale furniture, fixtures and equipment (see list of items included below).


Interior designers, space planners and architects


Collection includes typical FF&E needed for residential, institutional or commercial interior design, including furniture, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting, plants…even pianos, game tables and computers!


  •  159 pieces that can be scaled and re-combined to produce near-infinite options.
  •  Separated on sheet to insure easy selection via Select > Rectangle mode.
  •  Optimized for 17x11 and 24x18 Procreate canvases, but…
  •  Also open at correct scale in any 300dpi canvas
  •  Works with 300 dpi Imperial Grid Templates (available on this store page).
  •  Yours to use for life.

Sample detail:


  •  Templates are accessed from iCloud Drive or On My iPad Files and open to scale in any 300 dpi canvas, whether that canvas is 17x11, 24x18 or any other size
  •  Individual pieces are arranged to facilitate rapid selection via Select > Rectangle mode
  •  Color can be dragged and dropped into individual stamps to change color

INCLUDED WITH the "Pocket-Size" Scale Ruler Pack (Imperial, Metric & Engineer) are:

  •  (27) - Chairs, lounges and sofas for 1, 2 and 3-persons, including misc. tables and ottomans
  •  (14) - Sectional sofa arrangements including misc. tables and ottomans
  •  (16) - Dining and meeting table configurations w/ chairs (for 2 to 8 persons)
  •  (12) - Office desk and chair options
  •  (10) - Plant options
  •  (16) - Lamps, including table, floor and overhead fixture options
  •  (6) - Bed & nightstand options from single to king, including basic closet modules
  •  (7) - Full bathroom configurations
  •  (22) - Bath fixture options from corner sinks to hot tubs
  •  (2) - Universal kitchen configurations w/ full appliances to combine and edit to produce any option
  •  (19) - Kitchen equipment options from individual burners to overhead range hoods
  •  (3) - Universal Stair options
  •  Upright and grand pianos; billiards, table tennis, beer pong, air hockey and foosball tables
  •  iMac and 12” and 16” MacBook Pros
  •  Table settings

How To Use This Collection:

  1.  Purchase and download the product file to your iCloud Drive or iPad Pro file system;
  2.  Insert the file into any active A3- or A2- 300 dpi Procreate canvas by tapping ACTIONS > ADD > INSERT A FILE, then selecting the file. (Purchasers can either create their own canvas in settings, or use one of our ready-made grid template canvases available on this same store page)
  3.  Select the FF&E item you need using the Rectangle Selection Tool > Copy and Paste command (items selected this way appear on their own layer in your layer menu)
  4.  Add chosen item to plan (collection layer may be turned off until needed again)


FF&E items on this sheet are individually drafted and scaled by Akers Architectural Rendering to be dimensionally accurate and aesthetically consistent with similar FF&E collections available for AutoCAD and Revit. The shape and scale dimensions of each item in this collection may be freely transformed by the purchaser, but they are designed to open and print at exactly 1:100 and/or 1:50 scale when imported to an A2, A3, or any other sized 300 dpi Procreate canvas. Purchasers are responsible for insuring that any base plan to which these items are added is also correctly sized within a 300 dpi canvas.

*As with all products on this site, please email me directly at [email protected] with any problems (eg. bought wrong item, file won’t download, etc) and I will make it right asap.

$19.99 USD

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